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PowerPoint is a visual tool that is ideal for developing all kinds of presentations. Its rich capabilities will help you fill your message with vivid, memorable content. But... Remember that using PowerPoint can not save you from the most common mistakes — your own. Mastering the tool and starting to make presentations is relatively easy, but learning how to make presentations effective is not the case. Collected in the category PowerPoint notes will help you avoid many annoying mistakes.
powerpoint freehand crop image in custom shape

3 Simply Ways of Image Cropping in PowerPoint

Image cropping is the first skill a novice PowerPoint user needs to learn. Here are three ways to do it right: from the simplest to the more complex.

shape as stencils

Using PowerPoint Shapes as Stencils

We’ll show you how to use PowerPoint shapes as stencils to cut out shapes and images to make great professionally designed slides that look perfect

PowerPoint Graphs Diagrams

Graphs In Your PowerPoint Diagrams

Graphs and Charts in PowerPoint are very good descriptive objects for display numbers and statistics in your diagrams in an interesting and informative way

transitions & animations

PowerPoint Animations & Transitions

There are two features in PowerPoint that are there solely for to attract the attention during a presentation: Animations and Transitions