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Here's a tip for you: don’t blame PowerPoint for a boring presentation. The problem with today’s typical business presentation is NOT PowerPoint. The storyteller is the problem, the presenter who creates wordy, text-heavy slides and uses dull, convoluted jargon and buzzwords.
Making an Interactive Presentation Interface

Making an Interactive Presentation Interface

Structure your complex content and add a clear user interface to make your interactive online presentation perfect. Check out our example!

Instructional Design Tips For Presenations

7 Instructional Design Tips For Presentations

Here are seven design tips straight from Adam Cannon, an amazing Instructional Designer on how to improve your next presentation

Q&A Session

9 Tips for Handling a Q&A Session

You aced the presentation – don't let the Q&A session take you down. How to be ready for anything and how to be the best in a Q&A session?

structure business presentation

How to Structure a Great Business Presentation

Here are a few ways in which you can structure a great business presentation to keep your audience engaged and cover all the information you need

Mindblowing presentation for school

How to make a good presentation for school? The presentation's technique is the same regardless of who you are presenting to and what you're presenting on

public speaking in class

Exercises for Public Speaking in Class

The more you practice your public speaking skills, the easier it will be to speak in front of a group. These exercises will help you

5 Presentation FAILs you need to start avoiding

Garr Reynolds was one of Steve Jobs' presentation trainers. On his book Presentation Zen, he introduces the term presdoc. A presdoc is a hybrid between a presentation and a text document that serves neither…

PowerPoint Presentation 4 – most common mistakes

Take the time to spell check your slides. Watch out especially for words that won’t be caught by Microsoft spell checker but are used incorrectly in a sentence. Here are…