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You change the world for the better
every time you publicly tell about your plans and ideas

Hi! This is the blog of the poweredtemplate.com team. Poweredtemplate.com – a project to create and promote ready-made professional templates for presentations and printed materials.

In the beginning was the word, remember? Every time you talk about your plans and ideas in public, you change the world for the better. We want to help you. Therefore we publish articles here that will help improve your public speaking skills and PowerPoint skills.

about poweredtemplate blog

Among the many topics that we consider worthy of discussion, we first of all single out:

  • PowerPoint;
  • presentations and public speaking;
  • design;
  • technology;
  • science and artificial intelligence.

Use our templates for business presentations, school or personal events! Professional visual support from Poweredtemplate.com will make your message bright and memorable.