5 Principles For Making PowerPoint Slides With Impact

By Michel Theriault ppt_slide96 Delivering effective and powerful presentations is critical to business success. It’s about making an impact that influences your audience, whether you are an entrepreneur pitching investors, a small business owner pitching a product to a retailer or potential customer, a startup presenting a new initiative, or a manager asking for budget or staffing resources. Here are five principles you must use to create powerful PowerPoint presentations:

Text Floatie in Office 2013

By Geetesh Bajaj Explore various options within the text floatie in Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on a touch device such as Microsoft Surface.   On a touch device such as Micosoft's Surface tablets, you may not have access to a regular keyboard and mouse. Everything happens with a tap or a slide or some other gesture. To adapt an existing program such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for a touch environment is no easy task -- however Microsoft has made this happen -- and it has happened so well! Unlike the desktop versions of Office programs, the touch versions have a floatie -- this is a floating toolbar that contains options that are relevant to the tapped object.