9 Tips How to Earn More on PoweredTemplate

9 Tips How to Earn More on PoweredTemplate

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  1. Make a Research
  2. Create More Items
  3. Create Diversity 
  4. Add More Formats
  5. Create Aspirational Previews
  6. Make Unique Titles and Search Tags
  7. Offer Something for Free
  8. Promote on Social Media
  9. Take Part in the Affiliate Program

1. Make a Research

Tip: Try to understand what the audience is looking for.

PoweredTemplate is not a microstock with a lot of products with hundreds or thousands sets of very similar variations. This is a template store which is primarily oriented to the end users. More than 80% of our customers are managers, business trainers, business owners, teachers, students, but not designers.

2. Create More Items

Create 50 or more items. It isn’t always the case, but if you are really good at flyers, or some other category, consider making a fair amount of items in that same category to better your chance of more sales and growth, long term that is.

3. Create Diversity 

Try to create really different designs, not just change the color and/or shapes. Think about what the customer wants. Real diversity is the key to getting more downloads as products will cover different expectations and tastes of customers.

4. Add More Formats

The end users mostly use common tools, like MS Word for example. So, if your product has a MS Word version besides the Adobe Illustrator version, this one increases the chances of the product being downloaded.

Tip: Create the item in different possible formats, especially common use.

5. Create Aspirational Previews

Create an avatar/logo and have a uniform preview that will distinguish your work from other authors. 

The cover image is your primary preview image which will be displayed as the first image shown on your item detail page and in the search results.

Customers want to see how the item looks, what features it has and how it works, so they can make an informed decision to download as a result of what they see on your item page.

The first thing subscribers will see when determining if your item is the product they are looking for is the cover image. This is your chance to showcase your item!

Tip: Customers like to “touch” the product with their hands.

For example, if the item is an illustration then create a preview with possible use of it like greeting card or flyer, a print on a pullover, or put the image into a “real” photo frame or in a room interior. Be creative!

6. Make Unique Titles and Search Tags


Customers are looking for specific items. They are not looking for a “business flyer template” or for a “real estate brochure template”. These are general common requests. 

They are looking for “flyer template for a school project”, for “financial report for a non-profit company”, or for “brochure template with abstract red background”.

Imagine, you’ve uploaded 100 items with the name “Brochure Template” along with 100 other authors who did the same? So, there are 10,100 items with “Brochure Template” titles. 

How do you think your items will be found among tens of thousands of similar ones, taking into account that usually a site visitor does not view more than 3 pages of a website?

Tip: Make unique titles by adding some specific product features, like colors, item purpose, amount of pages, etc. 

Tip: Do not spam in titles. Means do not repeat the same word more than 1 times. Google doesn’t like this tactic. Apparently, the page won’t be presented in Google Search results and potential customers won’t be able to find your item there.

Search Tags

Make your items searchable (means visible) on the website.

Customers are looking for relevant search results. They will not be happy to see results, for example, for the query “teacher” with abstract elements that are not even related to the school or education topic. Most likely the visitor will leave the site after several unsuccessful attempts to find needed items.

Tip: Add the search tags which are relevant to your items, avoid the tags which are not.

Try to think like the potential customer thinks and how – include the search words which describe the item, like colors, shapes, potencial purpose and fields of use.

Tip: Do not repeat the words. 

Each word should be placed separately, this way they will work better. For example, “business company report, business, report, financial report” can be write in this way “business, company, report, financial” and will work in a different combinations, like:

  • business report
  • report financial 
  • company report
  • financial business company report
  • etc.

Tip: Use “Tags Suggestion Tool”. 

The tool is powerful but simple to use. Just search for and select a few images with similar content to your own, and the tool will supply you with a list of relevant keywords that you can refine and add to your item. That would be a great help in case you get stuck and do not know what kind of words can be added to the item.

7. Offer Something for Free

The free items will attract an audience and will add a good amount of social shares, for sure.

As a result, the free item will get more downloads and will go up in the marketplace directory. This will affect the popularity of your portfolio in general – the customer will want to download more of your products.

Posting a free product is like investing into your future downloads of the premium products.

8. Promote on Social Media

Post your items in multiple communities and groups, such as DeviantArt, Behance, Facebook groups, reddit, Dribbble, Pinterest, and others. Also do share those posts on Instagram and other social media sites. 

The more exposure your products have the more chances of downloads you have.

9. Take Part in the Affiliate Program

Finally, the last but not the least suggestion is about the PoweredTemplate referral program. Earn more by referring contributors and customers!

As an affiliate when you share a product from PoweredTemplate site and someone signs up through that link and makes the purchase, you get 30% from her purchases.

Have friends who are as talented as you are when it comes to making great content? Have them join our growing community and increase your earnings!

This partnership won’t generate as much income as selling your products but it’s a great addition.

Tip: However, branding wise we advise you to promote those products that you wouldn’t sell in your own shop. Try to not advertise products that are in competition with yours.

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