A Method for Playing PowerPoint on HTC First

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How to play PowerPoint on HTC First
HTC First

HTC First is an Android smartphone introduced on April 4. What makes it unique is the pre-installation of Facebook Home, a deep customized app instead of prioritizing apps like other phone interfaces. By doing this, the app can provide a more personal experience to Facebook users. The HTC First smartphone with Facebook Home optimization will be sold via AT&T on April 12, priced at $99.99. Moreover, the Facebook Home app will also be available for specific phone models, like HTC One X, One X+ and the upcoming HTC One, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note II and new Galaxy S4.

There’s not much to say about HTC First’s hardware. It has a 4.3-inch display with 720 x 1280 pixels of resolution and 341ppi. Powered by a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, the phone has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in storage. Unfortunately the storage is non-expandable. For cameras, the HTC First has a 5MP rear one and a 1.2MP front one respectively, which are good enough for shooting daily life photos/videos and sharing them on Facebook.

Two new features are brought by the Facebook Home app: Cover Feed and Chat Heads.

Cover Feed is what users see when they turn on the phone. It not only shows time and background but also displays photos and descriptions from Facebook friends. Updated statuses are shown on the upper side, so that users can easily scroll the screen to view photos, like them or leave comments.

Cover Feed
Cover Feed

Chat Heads is a communication interface. When users receive a message, no matter if it’s a SMS or Facebook notification, the sender’s Facebook profile picture can be shown in an icon on the screen. Users can chat with the sender by touching the icon.

Chat Heads
Chat Heads

View PowerPoint on HTC First
As we mentioned above, the HTC First is a deep customized smartphone. Facebook lovers may use it to keep themselves “online forever”. To think further, this phone is not only designed for entertainment, it can do something else. Let’s say, how to play PowerPoint on HTC First?

As an Android device, there are several ways to show PowerPoint on HTC First. For instance, we can convert PPT to PDF, images or use an Android PowerPoint app. However, by using the methods above, some PowerPoint elements and effects like transitions, background music and animations are no longer unavailable. To display PPT on HTC First perfectly, users can convert PowerPoint to HTC First suitable videos, so that they can watch these videos on the phone with PowerPoint effects and elements remained.

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