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Here's a tip for you: don’t blame PowerPoint for a boring presentation. The problem with today’s typical business presentation is NOT PowerPoint. The storyteller is the problem, the presenter who creates wordy, text-heavy slides and uses dull, convoluted jargon and buzzwords.

PowerPoint Presentation 4 – most common mistakes

Take the time to spell check your slides. Watch out especially for words that won’t be caught by Microsoft spell checker but are used incorrectly in a sentence. Here are…

5 rules of great presentation

From the moment you step on stage, your audience will make an assessment of you and then look for evidence to confirm their first impressions. This subconscious phenomena is called…

Not Annoying, Impressing!

Take your time and think: is your presentation really intended for your listeners or it’s just a set of slides?

How to Make a Presentation Fun

Ask yourself the important questions to help you understand. Why is this presentation important? What are you going to tell your audience that they don’t already know?

How to give a presentation in the age of smartphones

Audience members with cell phones can disrupt a presentation in several ways. Ringing phones annoy everyone, and the audience member who answers a ringing phone can ruin your presentation.

Presenting = Communicating = Training

All training involves persuasion; my trainer clients taught me that, telling me in no uncertain terms that they need to persuade their trainees to pay attention and implement their training