PowerPoint Template: Advantages and Disadvantages

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Before deciding on whether or not to use a template, it can be helpful to thoroughly explore all the advantages and disadvantages of using a PowerPoint template.

Meeting Deadlines

One advantage to using a PowerPoint template is the lack of work involved.

If working under an immediate deadline, templates are a viable option.

Once a template is selected, all a person needs to do is fill in the blanks with information.

This is an easy process as long as there is preparation.


Another advantage to using PowerPoint templates is the level of professionalism a template brings to the table.

If you are experienced in design elements, a person can introduce that same professional appearance to custom made slides, but it is far easier to use a template.

If your presentation is intended to be presented to superiors at work or for work-related purposes, each slide needs to be as professional as possible.

Complimentary Backgrounds

PowerPoint templates offer choices of background imaging, but these choices can be limited.

With a custom made PowerPoint slide, users can use whichever background is deemed most suitable for the presentation.

This can make a presentation unique to the subject matter, and can be less boring than a PowerPoint template without a background.

If selecting a unique background, take all steps necessary to ensure a professional, uncrowded look.


One problem with using a PowerPoint template for your PowerPoint presentation is that it will probably be a template that has been used many times before.

This can result in your presentation not being considered unique, which can be a downfall for certain types of presentations.

By designing your own PowerPoint slides, you can be assured that your presentation will stand out from the crowd and won’t be considered boring.

By Lacy Nichols. Image via