The 10 Worst Resume Mistakes to Avoid (with Templates)

Resume Mistakes
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Maximize your job search success with this guide to avoid the top 10 resume mistakes. From typos to lies, learn what not to do.

This article provides crucial advice on the 10 most common mistakes to avoid when crafting a resume. From typos and grammatical errors to irrelevant information and lies, this guide offers tips to make your resume stand out to potential employers. A must-read for job seekers who want to improve their chances of landing an interview.

Your resume is your first introduction to potential employers. It is the key to getting your foot in the door and landing an interview. A well-crafted resume can open many doors, but a poorly written one can slam them shut. In this article, we will discuss the 10 worst resume mistakes to avoid and provide tips on how to make sure your resume stands out for all the right reasons.

Table of Contents

1. Typos and Grammatical Errors

Typos and grammatical errors are a resume deal-breaker. A single misplaced comma or incorrect verb form can pretty much guarantee that your application ends up in the trash bin. However, taking the time to thoroughly proofread your resume’s content can make all the difference between standing out from other contenders or getting tossed aside as an unprofessional job seeker. Submitting a finished product that is free of such errors can help make you look like a serious and eager candidate, one with attention to detail and excellent writing skills – just the kind any employer would love!

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes on your resume can make you look unprofessional and careless. It is important to proofread your resume several times before submitting it.

2. Overused Buzzwords and Clichés

In the business world, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. When trying to make yourself stand out from the crowd, overused buzzwords and clichés won’t get your resume noticed for all the right reasons. To truly make an impact, try to be more exact in describing your background – no need for empty platitudes here. Rephrase them with skillful precision using straightforward language that accurately represents who you are and what you’ve achieved – that will be sure to open doors when opportunities arise!

  • Using buzzwords and clichés can make your resume sound generic and boring. Instead, use specific language that showcases your skills and accomplishments.

3. Irrelevant Information

When your goal is to get a job, filling your resume with irrelevant information is like using gasoline for a cake recipe – it might be flashy and eye-catching, but it probably won’t produce the desired result. You should focus on the important details that matter most so that hiring managers can see quickly and easily what you bring to the table. When you focus on pertinent information and leave out the fluff, you’re more likely to produce an effective, impressive resume!

  • Your resume should be concise and to the point. Including irrelevant information can make your resume look cluttered and distract from your relevant experience.

4. Lack of Customization

Creating a one-size-fits-all resume is a recipe for disaster. You can’t rely on the same generic template you used to apply for your last job and expect to stand out in this competitive market. To increase the impact of your resume, consider customizing it each time you send it out. Make sure that the language and format match the specific job description and highlight why YOU are the best applicant for that role. Ultimately, taking an extra few minutes to customize your application can make all the difference in catching an employer’s eye more quickly!

  • Tailoring your resume to the specific job you are applying for is crucial. A generic resume will not stand out among a sea of applicants.

5. Inconsistent Formatting

From size 10 to 14 – formatting is an often overlooked critical component of any resume. If you fail to nail it, you may find yourself in quite a pickle. See, inconsistent formatting can result in your resume and CV looking sloppy and unprofessional, which will send employers running for the hills. That’s why it’s important to have headings all the same size (or at least close), fonts that go together, and consistent spacing throughout. Make sure everything looks neat and uniform – that way your resume won’t belay a lack of attention to detail!

  • Inconsistent formatting can make your resume look messy and unprofessional. Make sure all headings, fonts, and spacing are consistent throughout your resume.

6. Too Much Information

As a job applicant, it’s important to put your best foot forward. You want potential employers to see that you have the experience and skills they need. However, it’s also important not to provide too much information: overwhelming them with every detail will do more harm than good. Instead, thoughtfully curate the highlights of your experience – this will help you stand out and make sure the reader can quickly grasp what you bring to the table.

  • Your resume should highlight your most relevant experience and skills. Including too much information can overwhelm the reader and make it difficult to identify your strengths.

7. Focusing on Job Duties Rather Than Accomplishments

Instead of simply listing your past job duties on your resume, why not show what you can do beyond the mundane day-to-day tasks? Acknowledging your accomplishments and adding specific details to paint a vivid picture – such as increased sales by 10% each quarter or initiatives launched within the first six months of employment – will help set you apart from other candidates. Doing so showcases both your experience and what tangible results you’ve been able to accomplish in previous positions. No matter if you’ve held multiple positions at the same organization or are switching career fields, there are bound to be some successes you can proudly highlight. Presenting yourself through contextually relevant quantitative data is sure to pique any employer’s interest!

  • Employers want to know what you have achieved, not just what your job responsibilities were. Focus on accomplishments and quantify your achievements whenever possible.

8. Including Unprofessional Contact Information

It’s important to maintain a professional presence during your job search, starting with the contact information you provide. One small step can go a long way – take some time to craft an appropriate email address that features your name instead of something embarrassing. Also, avoid including your social media accounts if they contain videos or posts that could be deemed inappropriate for a work setting. If you’re really gunning for the perfect resume, try giving an alternate number such as a Skype line or your cell phone number so employers can easily reach out to you without dealing with complicated call forwarding. At the end of the day, taking steps to ensure your contact information is presentable and accurate allows employers to easily view and review all of your qualifications in one place.

  • Your resume should include professional contact information, such as your email address and phone number. Avoid using unprofessional email addresses or listing inappropriate social media accounts.

9. Lies

Employers have seen it all in their hiring search—from very impressive to downright phony. Unfortunately, lies may seem like a good way to impress, but they have the potential to come crashing down sooner rather than later. In a professional environment where trustworthiness is paramount, trying to get ahead by fabricating an impressive resume can be particularly damaging. You’re better off highlighting your unique skills and experience in a genuine manner. After all, honesty is always the best policy.

  • Lying on your resume is never a good idea. Even if you get hired, you risk being fired when the truth comes out. Instead, focus on presenting your experience and skills in the best light possible without exaggerating or fabricating.

10. Missing Keywords

Want to get the attention of a hiring manager? Mastering the art of keyword inclusion is essential. When companies employ applicant tracking systems (ATS), resumes that do not feature the appropriate keywords may go straight into the reject pile! So, how can you make sure your resume stands out from the crowd? Research and utilize job postings for inspiration in creating a comprehensive list of relevant keywords to include throughout your resume – marketing yourself as an experienced, qualified candidate. You’ve got this!

  • Many companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen resumes. If your resume does not include the keywords from the job description, it may be automatically rejected. Make sure to include relevant keywords throughout your resume.


Your resume is your ticket to landing your dream job. By avoiding these 10 worst resume mistakes, you can make sure your resume stands out for all the right reasons. Remember to proofread carefully, customize your resume for each job, and highlight your accomplishments. With a little effort, you can create a winning resume that gets you noticed by potential employers.

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Handy Resume Templates to Download

Fiona Kimberly – CV Resume Template

Resume mistakes: Fiona Kimberly - CV Resume Template
Image Source

This elegant resume template is sure to make an impression. With a modern geometric design and soft pastel colors, this minimalistic template is perfect for showing off your skillset without distracting from the content. Coming pre-formatted in several different versions including Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop – as well as being professionally optimized with A4 international paper size and CMYK @300 DPI – this resume template is ready to print so you can get it into the hands of employers just in time for that all-important job interview. Make sure your CV stands out from the crowd with this sophisticated professional design.

Download the Template

Black CV Template Curriculum Vitae

Resume mistakes: Black CV Template Curriculum Vitae
Source Image

Say goodbye to boring, outdated resume templates! Create a professional impression with this modern and sleek monochrome resume template. Perfect for employers looking for a modern twist on the traditional resume format, it comes with a 4-page printable CV as well as a matching cover letter in multiple available formats, including Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, and Mac Pages. Best of all – its A4 international paper size and 300 DPI CMYK colorspace printing will leave employers impressed with your sharp and professional look! So don your mid-century suit, get ready to wow potential recruiters, and make sure they remember your name.

Download the Template

Minimalist CV Resume Template Web Design Programmer

Resume mistakes: Minimalist CV Resume Template Web Design Programmer
Image Source

Need a resume that screams professional? Look no further! This elegant 2-page resume template with a matching cover letter is just the thing you need. Its minimalist design style tells employers that you’re detail-oriented and know how to organize effectively. It can be downloaded in several formats, including Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word, so you can choose whichever option works best for you. It’s also available for printing on either A4 or US Letter format paper sizes, ensuring optimal quality at 300 DPI in CMYK color space. Get ready to stand out from the crowd – this is the perfect template for showing off your skills in style!

Download the Template

Clean Resume Template

Resume mistakes: Clean Resume Template
Image Source

Get creative with your job application and use this minimalist design style to make a lasting impression on a recruiter or hiring manager. This ready-to-print two-page resume template with a cover letter will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Enjoy the elegant pastel colors, high-resolution format, and A4 paper size that will easily adapt to printing. From Adobe Photoshop to Microsoft Word, this template has you covered no matter what software you need. Best of all, it’s available in 300 DPI in CMYK color space for superior vibrancy and clarity when printing. Don’t miss out on this chance to wow your potential employer today!

Download the Template

Software Sales Resume Template

Software Sales Resume Template
Image Source

Get the job you’ve always wanted with this modern, colorful two-page resume template! An easy-to-make and customize document with loads of infographics, its flexible page design is perfect for any opportunity. It also comes complete with a collection of files – PSD, AI, EPS, WORD, and PDF – so you can ensure you have everything you need to make a great impression! With neat vector layers making it even easier to tailor your pieces to your amazing experience and qualifications, what else could you need? Upgrade your resume today with this eye-catching template!

Download the Template

CV Resume Cover Letter Template

CV Resume Cover Letter Template
Image Source

Make a lasting impression on recruiters and hiring managers alike with this stunningly elegant three-page resume template. Crafted in a minimalist design style with tasteful pastel colors, the sleek look of this pre-made document is sure to stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry though; all the hard work has already been done for you! With built-in abstract nature illustrations, this resume comes complete with a cover letter, is available in three different formats, and prints perfectly on A4 paper size for easy assembly. Not only that, but it has both 300 DPI resolution and CMYK color space compatibility – making it ideal for both digital and physical copy applications.

Download the Template