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powerpoint animation
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What is PowerPoint animation? PowerPoint Animation allows for the movement of text, graphics, pictures and other objects on the slide.

Do you need to come up with an eye-catching PowerPoint slide presentation? If your answer is yes, then this article is right for you. It will provide useful insight into making your black and white presentation come alive before your very eyes.

The solution is quite simple, really. It is called PowerPoint animation. Perhaps you have never heard of PowerPoint animation before and the great things that it can do for your presentation. You may be surprised by how many cool things you can easily do with this tool. Let’s take a journey into the interesting, creative world of PowerPoint animation.

PowerPoint animation on the slide

PowerPoint animation on the slide

Click on the Animations tab to access a range of animation

Animation allows for the movement of text, graphics, pictures and other insertions or objects on the slide. It determines the following:

  1. Entrance of the text and objects, such as fade or fly in.
  2. Emphasis (or dimming);
    Emphasis can draw your viewer’s attention to a bullet point by highlighting the text.
    Dimming can remove your viewer’s attention by dimming a bullet point which you have moved on to another point.
  3. Exit of the text and objects, such as fade, bounce, or fly out.
  4. Motion path. This determines the direction that an object should take.

You can click on the Animations tab to access a range of animation in your PowerPoint application to determine the following:

  • How fast or slow you want the animation to move.
  • The animation effect for your text and graphics.
  • Whether you want the animation to appear on all slides or only a select few.

PowerPoint animation is an ingenious way to bring energy and movement to a still-life presentation. This effect creates the feeling of watching a mini-video. However, this tool should be used with deliberation, and you should keep in mind the content and message of your presentation.

If animations are not skillfully interwoven into your presentation, then you may not achieve your desired results.

Thankfully, preset schemes exist which will assist you in this area. Animations are here to stay, just remember to use them wisely.

PowerPoint animation hints

  1. Since there are so many different PowerPoint animation effects from which to choose, you may run the risk of overdoing your presentation.
    Therefore, you should have a mental picture of your ideal presentation (animations and all) before you begin.
  2. Two paramount components are consistency with the application of animation and ensuring that the animations are suitable to your content and targeted audience.
    Undoubtedly, PowerPoint animation will add flair and style to any slide presentation, but they should expertly used.
  3. PowerPoint animation offers a preset scheme which combines several complementary animation effects.
    This is like a one stop shop where you can apply one scheme and get a large range of effects.