Transferring your presentation – for Windows (for Mac)

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conference, board room, hall board, meeting, consultation, table, debate, deliberation, teamworkThe following instructions are meant to be a brief guide to help you move your presentation from a “source” computer to a “destination” computer with all audio and video files intact. This is the Windows version but we have created a Mac version too.

Creating the package:

  • Open your completed presentation
  • Select “Package for CD” from the Publish menu (Image 1)
  • Begin by selecting “Options” (Image 2)
  • Be sure to check both “Linked files” and “Embed TrueType fonts” then click “OK” (Image 3)
  • Next select “Copy to Folder” and name your presentation with a descriptive name (Image 4)
  • Select the location to save your presentation, such as the ITSMedia PowerPoint dropbox or USB flash drive (Image 4)
  • When you are finished you will find a folder in your destination folder with the descriptive name you provided (Image 5)
  • This folder will contain the PPT file along with other media files and miscellaneous files needed for your presentation
(NOTE: If you would like to enlarge the photo, simply click on the picture.)
Picture 2

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