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Mindblowing presentation for school

How to make a good presentation for school? The presentation's technique is the same regardless of who you are presenting to and what you're presenting on

public speaking in class

Exercises for Public Speaking in Class

The more you practice your public speaking skills, the easier it will be to speak in front of a group. These exercises will help you

5 Presentation FAILs you need to start avoiding

Garr Reynolds was one of Steve Jobs' presentation trainers. On his book Presentation Zen, he introduces the term presdoc. A presdoc is a hybrid between a presentation and a text document that serves neither…

5 rules of great presentation

From the moment you step on stage, your audience will make an assessment of you and then look for evidence to confirm their first impressions. This subconscious phenomena is called…

How to Make a Presentation Fun

Ask yourself the important questions to help you understand. Why is this presentation important? What are you going to tell your audience that they don’t already know?