By Wayne Dixon

I was asked a question via email by a Macgasm reader on how to play an audio clip across a set of slides within PowerPoint for Mac 2011. I knew it was possible, since I’ve done the same thing under Office 2007 on the PC. So, I set out to investigate, and I thought I would share my findings.

It’s actually quite simple if you want to play an audio track across an entire slideshow.

  1. Click on Insert -> Audio -> Audio Browser (or Audio from File).
  2. Select which audio track you want to play.


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conference, board room, hall board, meeting, consultation, table, debate, deliberation, teamworkThe following instructions are meant to be a brief guide to help you move your presentation from a “source” computer to a “destination” computer with all audio and video files intact. This is the Windows version but we have created a Mac version too.

Creating the package:

  • Open your completed presentation
  • Select “Package for CD” from the Publish menu (Image 1)
  • Begin by selecting “Options” (Image 2)
  • Be sure to check both “Linked files” and “Embed TrueType fonts” then click “OK” (Image 3)
  • Next select “Copy to Folder” and name your presentation with a descriptive name (Image 4)
  • Select the location to save your presentation, such as the ITSMedia PowerPoint dropbox or USB flash drive (Image 4)
  • When you are finished you will find a folder in your destination folder with the descriptive name you provided (Image 5)
  • This folder will contain the PPT file along with other media files and miscellaneous files needed for your presentation
(NOTE: If you would like to enlarge the photo, simply click on the picture.)
Picture 2

PowerPoint to PDF on Mac

Sometimes we may need to convert PPT files to PDF format. For example, when you share the file to others but don’t like them copy or change the original content, you can send a PDF version instead. On Windows based computers, we can easily change PowerPoint to PDF by using Office’s built-in feature or a FREE PDF converter. If you’re on a Macintosh, do you understand how to do the conversion?

It’s quite simple for users to change PowerPoint to PDF on Mac Mountain Lion. Here’s the process.

Step 1 Open a PowerPoint file with PowerPoint 2008/2011 on your Mac.

Step 2 Click File and choose Print option.

Step 3 At the bottom of the Print dialogue, click the PDF button and then choose Save as PDF option.

Step 4 A new window pops up. Give the file a name and input additional information like Author, Subject or Keywords as you like.

Step 5 You can also click the Security Options button to set passwords for file alteration.

Step 6 Everything is ready. Now hit the OK button to save PowerPoint to PDF on Mac.